Friday, August 26, 2011

Vinyl Rarity # 3

Here's a real Alabama rarity. Sonic Explosion on the Big City Sounds label from Tuscaloosa Alabama USA. We Belong Together is late '70s uptempo modern soul, highly sought after by northern soul collectors and DJs around the world. Flip side is I'm a Believer (not the Monkees hit). Nothing known about the group or Big Dog Productions. Only two known sales of this gem, both $1000+. You can listen to The Sonic Explosion's "We Belong Together" below.
Sonic Explosion - We Belong Together


  1. Great to hear of the interest in Big Dog Productions and Sonic Explosion.The group was a popular soul group that played clubs throughout the southeast during the 70's.Hayward Rashard,the leader and front man,formerly played with one of the first interracial bands in Tuscaloosa called The Purple Souls.The group had a weekly dance show on the local WCFT tv.

    The group was approached by local DJ and budding writer and music business entrepreneur George W.Stewart who recorded the group on his Big City Records.

    I have one copy of the record and possibly access to one other.

  2. Great seeing the attention this record is receiving.

  3. I have a copy of The Sonic Explosion record if anyone is interested in this gem.

  4. MerryChristmas.I have an excellent condition copy of Sonic Explosion's "We Belong Together".This rare Northern Soul 45 is a gem.Contact me at

  5. I have a copy of The Sonic Explosion record-We BelongTogether/I'm A Believer

    1. Do you still have the 45 for sale?